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Steve 21:09
Awesome ! Tom, do you remember jamming behind the Rochelle Park TRU building, and about a million mayflies crashing kamikaze style into the cars ? Those were some fun times.... I remember the DiMarzio Invader lead pickup you installed in your guitar.
Mike Matskonone16-Feb-2010 17:02
Hey tom this is mike matsko. you taught me to play drums back in 1999. My dad was a football coach for the giants at the time and we moved to St. louis. I've been trying to get in contact with u for years. give me an email with your number and i'll call u. Cant wait to here from u.
Alan 22:12
Hey Dean - Remember me? We used to play together in Paralax back in the '80s. Good to see you're still making music! I'm still at it, as well - \m/ \m/ Alan
Diane Kopelmannone20-Sep-2009 19:09
Remember your Mantis rehearsal studio - my basement? So happy to see you guys are playing again. Where can I pick up the CD? Best, Diane
Laura Friedman McDanielwww.quadrapan.info11-Jan-2009 21:01
I went all through school with Dean and remember his great love of music. I think it is incredibly awesome you are getting to do something you have always loved. Congrats, and you sound great. Where can I get a CD?
Jim Sm18-May-2008 19:05
SOUNDS GOOD I'm your nephew's friend. Congratulations!
LammboneNot yet ..... 30-Apr-2008 18:04
Hello Dean, Kevin and the BAND. What I am hearing is an awesomely crisp and clean melding of some fresh tonal metal with heavier rock elements and a tinge of ballading going on. Nice work!!! The true perfection of a rockin' band, honed as one fired up sound. 'F' ing AYE... I am arm flappin' happy to hear you guys are alive and well and still jamming hard. Me too, as an old, sometimes electrified, fingerpickin' blues man.Peace, Mark
Monty ColvinMontyColvin.com07-Jan-2008 18:01
Great stuff!
Randy Cosentinonone03-Jan-2008 19:01
Kev, you never gave up and the finished product proves it....Site and sounds are excellant.Good success getting it out on the airwaves.
Darin Ferriolanone24-Dec-2007 21:12
Congrats Kev! Glad to hear you're still playing great guitar. Some of my best childhood memories are of you and Dean screaming during my high school drum solos. Hope all's well and again congrats on the CD.
marty 08-Dec-2007 06:12
cd sounds fantastic, everything came out great. hope i can do some work with you guys if something else happens.
lisamyspace06-Dec-2007 07:12
I'm a "friend" of Pauls' and have heard the CD. Nice work fellas. Paul has an amazing voice I know he is very talented as well as all of you are too!
Nicholas Petreleyhttp://www.varlinux.org03-Dec-2007 23:12
Excellent work. You guys make me very jealous.
Thomas Pfau 20:12
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