The Office

This is a small bedroom in our house that we use as an office/computer room. I installed a bench on the walls and covered it with formica to act as a work surface. The room is 9x9 and houses four computers and occassionally my laptop.

This is my workstation. The horse on the wall is a latch hook rug I made when I was dating my wife.
My Workstation

This is just to the left of my computer. This workstation is used mostly by my daughter Heather. She rarely lets anyone else on it.
Workstation 2

This is to the right of my workstation. This monitor and keyboard are hooked up to a KVM switch and service my server/gateway and a third workstation. My wife is ususally on this workstation. The KVM switch is mostly used when I need to hook up a friend's computer to bail them out of a Windows problem. I normally access the server/gateway via SSH.
Server and
Workstation 3.

Here's my Wallace and Gromit keychain collection. My wife found these quite a few years ago in Target.Wallace and Gromit Keychains

Last Update: March 15, 2005